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Divorce Law

Going through a divorce can be one of the most difficult times in your life, regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, a parent or without children, in your 20’s or in your 60’s.  When a marriage has been irretrievably broken, betrayal, loss, confusion and despair can cloud every area of your life, from your work to your friendships to your goals for the future.

Understanding Divorce Law

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Trying to navigate a divorce without understanding the laws that govern divorce proceedings is not an uncommon position to be in.  Most individuals never plan on being divorced, but find themselves having to submit to laws they have never heard of and have certainly never studied.  But to insure that you don’t lose your home or possessions, as well as your spouse, you may need to be better prepared than the average person.

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Many divorces are settled out of court through amicable negotiation between the divorcing couple.  But arguments can arise regarding almost every aspect of a marriage, including:

Child custody
Real estate ownership
Alimony payments
Child support
Retirement funds
Personal items
Divorce Hearings and Judgments

For couples who encounter one of these disagreements and are not willing to relinquish their position, a divorce hearing may be called.  Because this is not a criminal hearing, the outcome is often determined by an individual judge, who hears hundreds of divorce cases every year.  Because of this, whether or not you receive what is rightfully yours hinges on your ability to present your side of the story clearly and accurately. social security attorney las vegas Most individuals rely on an experienced divorce law attorney to help them do so.  It is almost certain that, whether you are settling the division of property in court or out of court, your former spouse will have legal representation.  So should you.

Finding a Divorce Lawyer

Because going through a divorce is already a stressful process, it is important to work with a divorce attorney who you feel comfortable with and feel you can trust.  Most divorce attorneys will meet with you to discuss your expectations and concerns long before you meet with your spouse and his or her attorneys, and will answer your truck accident lawyer texas questions about divorce law up front.  This also gives you the opportunity to consider what is important to you to retain after the divorce, and on what points you may be willing to concede to get what is most valuable to you.


If you are looking for an experienced divorce law attorney in the Lee County, Cape Coral or Fort Myers areas of Florida, please visit the website of Lusk, Drasites, Tolisano & Smith, P.A., and find answers to your questions about divorce law.

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Joliet Divorce Attorneys :: Divorce Lawyers in Joliet IL

Joliet Divorce Attorneys :: Divorce Lawyers in Joliet IL visit for a free consultation or call (815) 726-7950

The process of ending a marriage can be extremely complicated, as well as emotionally draining. The divorce process requires spouses to make some difficult decisions, such as how they will separate their assets or which parent their children will live with.

The decisions that are made at this point in your life will have a major impact on you and your loved ones later on, so it is important that you proceed with the right amount of caution. If you and your spouse cannot agree on certain matters, you could end up facing an intense legal battle.

In order to best prepare yourself for whatever comes your way during this process, it is vital that you have a qualified divorce attorney by your side.

You have every right to want to safeguard your personal wealth during the process of your divorce. Whether you have worked hard to build up a business or a professional career, or if your wealth consists of family inheritances, you should be able to walk away from the divorce with everything that is rightfully yours.

We make it our goal to ensure that your divorce leaves you with as much as possible in terms of personal assets so that you are in the best possible position to move on in your life.

The attorneys at Breslan Law we are able to handle all types of divorces. We can help individuals who are dealing with contested divorces (in which the parties cannot agree on the divorce terms) and uncontested divorces (in which they are able to reach agreements outside of court).

We have experience handling high net-worth divorces and business owner divorces, in which the process of asset and debt division can be particularly challenging. In addition to asset and debt division, some of the many issues that people have to work through during the divorce process include alimony/spousal support, child support, child custody and parenting time.

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On February 23, 2014, Gibson&Perkins, PC attorney Richard M. Welsh presented this 1-hour webinar which focuses on tax issues encountered by divorce attorneys.

This video replay is presented in particular to professionals actively involved with the practice of family law. It is provided for informational purposes only, and does not constitute legal or tax advice of any kind.

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Asheville Divorce Attorney will help you with your family matters. We have the knowledge, experience and compassion to help you with life altering issues such as divorce, separation, child custody, child support, property division and alimony. Call us now to schedule an appointment.

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Persistency to Divorce Process

Just how long you will need to try and do the divorce process would depend to the participants and their persistence for keep the process. It might also rely on state court you’ve filed for divorce. Although procedures are similar, they are still not identical. That’s the reason you need the potency of attorney being your legal consultant to find out the ins and outs of the process. It might take per year or even more for this reason you ought to be knowledgeable enough. If your partner is likewise cooperative, then there is absolutely no way the main procedure can’t be harmonious.

Divorce process has different stages. Which causes the area carry on the divorce; you need to file for it first. You have to find the jurisdiction in which the issue might be heard. Then, so as to place the process to effect, a petition should be fond of another party. The Summons is actually a document that can serve as a statement a divorce process is generated. This too is an attempt signal to set up marital assets, to change insurance policy and change what should be change. It truly is consists of two parts. Part one states basic information such as identification of the two of you, the discussion of babies if there’s any along with the assets they have. Your second the main petition states relief like your sons or daughters and custody plus the division of assets and also the combined debts. The document can be tailored to fit the promoter’s welfare. In the event the other party will file a petition, the court will deliver him/her four week period to submit it.

The divorce process has really further to go. Temporary hearings are conducted to end certain issues including the temporary custody and support and marital maintenance, the resident on the parties while the case is held, the parties’ protection against each other, discussions of financial problems, as well as the uses of their assets. Temporary hearings won’t customize the upshot of the process yet it’s relatively imperative that you discuss these complaints as of this early state. If issues are hard to resolve, mediation usually takes place regarding the couple with the presence in their lawyers. The parties may even discuss matters with judge as a possible advance review on the case.

Investigations will also be conducted and serve a great role in the process so that the parties along with the jury can identify issues. Exchanging information could make or break true for the party but nonetheless, it really is mandatory so they can participate. Interrogations are done, documents are requested, information released and admissions are filed. It doesn’t matter how you conduct the investigations, be sure you can gather every piece of information you would like.

Divorce process continues with settlements go to conference for this settlement. This is usually the location where the process ends. Important matters can absolutely be discussed and if it’s not necessarily resolved, you must face trials and appeals before everything is usually settled in the courtroom.


Follow the long way a divorce process might have, just click here – Marital Separation Process

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Divorce Advice For Men – Not Having it Can Be Costly

The biggest mistake divorced men make is not seeking divorce advice before they meet with an attorney or file for a divorce. Maybe it seems like a lawyer should be able to tell you everything you need to know, or perhaps you and your wife have agreed to end things on a friendly or at least agreeable note. But things have a way of going haywire in a divorce situation and can soon be raging out of your control unless you know what to expect, how to protect yourself, and how divorce law is administered in your state.

Consider this: When you meet with a divorce lawyer, the first thing he wants is your retainer up front. A down payment. Money. So you know where his interests lie.

And if you and your wife couldn’t work things out in your marriage, what makes you think you can amicably come to terms during a divorce? It’s not unheard of, and it’s great for everyone if you can do it, but the fact is, you won’t do it by putting your head in the sand and staying ignorant of the process or the procedures divorce entails. And if you want to protect your rights, you need to know what your rights are. You need to know the law and how to apply it to your situation.

Many states now have no-fault divorce. That means no one has to be at fault or to blame for the breakup of your marriage, at least not legally. There need be no name calling or stone throwing. The judge doesn’t care why you’re getting a divorce, only that you want one. And if everyone is perfectly honest, the sad fact probably is that both of you are probably at fault since it takes two to fight, so there’s really no point in passing blame.

But regardless of good intentions to stay on friendly terms, when it comes right down to dividing up possessions like the house, the cars, the savings, the retirement account, your investments, and most especially, the children and their time, you are probably going to find yourself at odds with your wife and find yourself needing divorce advice. The question is, will you get good advice, from whom, and will you get it before you need it or after it’s too late?

Even if things start out smoothly, that can change rapidly. What happens if your wife suddenly decides she wants full custody of the kids? Does the law automatically favor the woman as the best person to raise them? In some states, yes. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t things you can do to improve your chances of gaining custody.

And what about possessions, existing bills, and financial responsibility for the children’s health insurance, medical expenses, braces, school tuition, and other necessities, in addition to child support. Who is responsible for paying what? And who gets to make the decisions about things with the kids, like whether they can get their navel pierced or a tattoo or join the service before they turn 18?

Once things start to totally fall apart, you’ll find yourself asking for divorce advice from every divorced guy you know. Unfortunately, he probably won’t know how to help you because he’ll still be too busy being bitter over losing his shirt and everything that used to house it in his own divorce action.

If your marriage is on the verge of ending and you’re planning to divorce your wife, for whatever the reason, you need good solid information and divorce advice, and you need it fast … before you agree to anything, make sure you know what your legal rights are, and know those rights vary from state to state, sometimes drastically.

For more insights and additional information about Divorce Advice For Men and resources where you can find out what your rights are and how NOT to get shafted in the divorce proceedings, please visit our web site at

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Divorce Process Details

Often, the 1st step within the divorce process will be the separation of all sides. The spouse must move out through the residence they’ve distributed to. This could be very crucial and can be a trial for both sides to see if the divorce they’ve decided upon is imminent. It may possibly either brought positive results making the deux realize they will still wish to be together or can be a definite step to originate the divorce method. If they’re still together, after that it won’t be acknowledged as a legal separation and any assets and debts created are nevertheless joined together. They’ll be dealing with a much serious stuff such as an contract to divide property and temporarily build spousal support and custody of the children in a while. Any assets or debts amassed during the divorce belong to the individual instead of the couple.

The next thing in this particular process is filing a petition which may only be filed in the state where they lived as well as should have already done the separation requirements. The ‘Complaint for Dissolution of Marriage’ would force acceptable types to be completed. There’s a fee for being paid and the papers should be filed when using the district court in the acceptable county. If you have an attorney, after that he’ll do the tasks for yourself. If you haven’t, after that that is to be your paperwork problem. The court personnel will not answer legal questions or help with paperwork. Part of the petition for the divorce process is the “grounds for divorce.”

You should state a reason either “irretrievable breakdown of marriage” or “irreconcilable differences” or any other possible reasons. Another part of the petition includes a listing of items that’ll be at issue like the residence, cars and other shared possessions. Once you file the complaint, your spouse has to be notified, or served. He/she must sign a Voluntary Appearance document which means he or she simply agrees to everything while in the complaint and does not have to respond. Then the temporary hearing will take place to build temporary child or spousal support and other issues like Request for temporary custody of minor children and for temporary child support or a Request for exclusive use of the marital home. After the temporary hearing, there is often a long wait.

Often the most important as well as difficult parts of the divorce process is agreeing on how to divide property and debts as well as establishing custody as well as spousal support. All those items have to be detailed in a written arrangement. Then, the final trial will take place. Usually, divorce trials are held with only a judge, no jury. As well as attorneys will fight and win their way for their client’s best interests. Certain issues like entitlement to a divorce, arranging custody of the children as well as visitation rights as well as settling financial aspects and property distribution will be discussed. The judge bases the final decision on the evidence presented as well as usually makes a decision right away or within hours.

If you want to learn more simply visit Divorce Process to get the best tips!

Divorce Process Timeline

Informative video about the entire Divorce Process Timeline for the State of Utah.
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Voice of the Child of Divorce

A “Dear Mom & Dad” letter written by a child of divorce.
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Divorce advice for men – I’m a divorced man and went through an amazing journey of discovery. I decided to close my website but wanted to keep this video up for others hopefully get something from. You can find me through FB via the page below –

Step By Step Online Divorce Process These are step by step instructions on what to expect with the Online Divorce Process
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How the Divorce Process in California Starts

At Families First Mediation, we specialize in divorce and custody mediation. Dina will guide you through your divorce, legal separation, or custody matter affordably. We help you reach the best possible solution without ever having to go to court. We have unique mediation plans to help various financial situations. We are located in San Jose, California. Call for a free consultation today, (408) 357-3486, or visit our website at

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DIVORCE PROCESS: What to consider before starting a divorce.

DIVORCE PROCESS: What to consider before starting a divorce.

DIVORCE PROCESS: What to consider before starting a divorce.

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How to Get a Divorce in California Attorney Ed Sherman explains California divorce procedures, and reveals the difference between an easy divorce (uncontested) and a difficult divorce (contested). He then shows you how to get an easy California divorce. Ed is the divorce expert attorney who founded Nolo Press, started the self-help law movement, and saved the public BILLIONS of dollars in legal fees with his divorce books and software. People who like Whole Foods (WFM) will especially like this video. Too bad Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore didn’t have this information before they spent two years finalizing their divorce. Be sure to watch to the end for a surprise at
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Divorce and Property Settlements are Incredibly Complicated

Since often divorces can be a painful, destructive and even the beneficial thing to do, it always varies in each case. It is because of this that there are divorce lawyers who specialize in what the cliental wants. Whether it is a property dispute or a child custody matter, it all falls within their realm of practicing. Divorce Lawyers can get what the client wants done in a quick amount of time whether the other spouse wants it or not. However, the problems of ownership, emotional damage and impact upon daily life will be greatly affected most of the time.

Since divorce is more of a lawful thing than personal, lawyers must provide the right evidence for their client who is requesting a divorce. Divorce usually causes a lot of friction and is most of the time not pleasant. Most jurisdictions in any country require that a divorce be settled in a court of law. This is why it is such big business with attorneys considering that there are a massive number of divorces cases on the docket in most locations.
Aside from the basic problems, the last and perhaps, final problem of divorce is property settlement. A basically, “who gets what?” type of affair. A property settlement lawyer can help with this as they specialize in helping the client to come to a financial agreement to split up the property evenly through negotiation between the two parties. Being professionals, they should be able to work through the process until a certain conclusion is reached. Sometimes mediation is required in order for the parties to come to a settlement arrangement.

It was the Property Law provisions of the Property (Relationships) Act in 1984 and also the Family Law Act in 1975 that states that property agreements will only be acknowledged if both of the two parties can obtain or have the opportunity to obtain independent legal advice. If you as the client have not had a chance to reach a financial agreement, it can be decided by the Judge of the Court as to which parties get custody of the children, income, property and other things. This is why if the cliental has a business that they love and want to keep it, a lawyer will help dispute with the court in order to keep what is necessary to make a living and what originally belonged to the owner to ensure that they are able to retain rights to certain things.

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